Why Exhibit?

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Why Exhibit?

The Kingdom has been a key driver of the global defense industry for the past decade.  In line with economic reform, economic diversification is one of the foundations of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and in turn, the military industries sector is one of the strategic sectors increasing localization to 50% over the next decade.  

With the addition of a third hall for its 2024 edition, the Show’s venue has been designed with exhibitors in mind, offering flexible options for indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as opportunities to showcase products through live demonstrations.

Networking features high on World Defense Show objectives, and as such, we have designed multiple platforms for our exhibitors so they can fully engage with these attending decision- makers. At World Defense Show, the exhibition forms the central focus of the event and will showcase a diverse set of companies across all domains across land, sea, air, security and space.

WDS 2026 will reinvent itself once more, offering a range of exhibiting options that will enable businesses of all types to connect and showcase their unique displays to local, regional, and international decision-makers in a perfectly tailored environment.