World Defense Show will bring together the world of defense & security to demonstrate integration and the future of defense interoperability across air, land, sea, security and satellite.


World Defense Show is an interactive platform for governments and industry thought leaders from across the global defense and security supply chain, to help shape the future of defense. As the defense industry continues to evolve, decision-makers are facing more complex choices regarding defense solutions than ever before. This makes interoperability across systems increasingly challenging.

Every two years, the show will provide insight and access to technological innovations that are shaping the defense industry: from start-ups and innovators to established multinationals. As one of the world’s top spenders in the defense sector, Saudi Arabia’s geographic location and international presence allows the kingdom to serve as the ideal location for such a show.

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World Defense Show will serve as a platform where the global defense industry can convene, connect and gain valuable insight and access to the latest innovation-driven defense & security solutions. The show aims to encourage integration and interoperability between air, land, sea, satellite and security sectors, to help accelerate the future of defense.


The latest addition to the global defense show circuit, World Defense Show is on a mission to develop and sustain a world leading defense & security exhibition in the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Taking place at the core of the global supply chain, the show will bring together the largest players and start-up visionaries from the defense sector to collectively craft the future of defense.

For four trade days, World Defense Show will provide a unique platform for the world’s defense industry to network, partner, share knowledge and discover new innovations and capabilities across all defense sectors.

Focused on interoperability, the show will feature cutting-edge defense frameworks and multi-domain systems that allow the sectors to interoperate seamlessly.



Current, and on the horizon, land defense technologies will be presented through simulated and live equipment displays and demonstrations. Witness systems interconnect, as enhanced platforms come together, to meet the needs of future.



The unparalleled air display and exhibition will include fixed and rotary wing defense aircrafts, showcased through interactive, virtual and live demonstrations. New defense concepts from fighter aircrafts, with unmanned and swarm capabilities, will be on display and in action like never before.



The latest maritime, defense, and security systems will be revealed through augmented reality demonstrations, to showcase naval technologies and weaponry. Explore virtually both the current and future solutions which will transform how naval forces interoperate with all necessary defense and security systems.



Live demonstrations will showcase exciting new security equipment, systems and technology to counter challenges faced by governments around the world. Discover best-in-class security products and services addressing terrorist threats and all other aspects of homeland security.



Live and simulated demonstrations, will bring to life current defense satellite technology and exciting, on the horizon, capabilities and functionality. Military satellites for intelligence gathering, navigation and communication will be unveiled alongside asset protection solutions, anti-satellite and experimental space weapons.


World Defense Show steering committee is dedicated to offering the international defense industry a platform with unparalleled exposure to some of the Kingdom’s key decision makers.

His Excellency Ahmad Aqeel Al Khatib
WDS Steering Committee Chairman
GAMI Board Member
Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Ohali
Governor of General Authority for Military Industries
Steering Committee member
Major General Eng. Atyah Saleh Al Malki
Steering Committee member
Taiseer Ibrahim Al Mallah
Steering Committee member
Ian Godden
Steering Committee member
Shaun Ormrod
CEO of World Defense Show
Steering Committee member


The World Defense Show is run by a team of experts with over 50 years of cumulative international defense show experience. As major players in the world of defense, the World Defense Show team has brought together both expertise and experience to bring to life a show like no other. With a deep understanding of the operations behind some of the world’s biggest trade exhibitions and insight into the current defense show landscape, the team strives to offer the industry a one-of-a-kind experience, on an unparalleled scale.

Amanda Stainer
Chief Commercial Officer
World Defense Show
Andrew Pearcey
Chief Operating Officer
World Defense Show
Sultan Al-Malik
Chief of Staff
General Authority for Military Industries


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