Why Saudi?

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Why Saudi?

Saudi Arabia is the 20th largest economy in the world and the largest in the MENA area. A strategic location that has access to more than 50 of the fastest-growing markets within a 4-hour radius. 

Key reasons to host World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia: 

  • 6th Largest Military Spender

Consistently allocating a substantial portion of its budget to defense expenditure

  • Exhaustive National Strategy 

With clear priorities and targets to support localization and investments 

  • Untapped Investment Potential

Aiming to localize 50% by 2030 is unlocking an abundance of investment opportunities 

  • Strategic Global Location

With excellent internal & international connectivity


To improve the business environment such as establishing GAMI as the regulator and allowing 100% foreign-owned investments. 

  • 1st gender equality reformer according to World Banks Women Business, and the law 2020 

  • 2nd Ranking in the Arab world for gender equality  

Connected through 14 international airports across the country and supporting 13% of global trade through the Red Sea.  Saudi Arabia’s ambitions are to be the 15th largest global economy by 2030. 

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s leading defense players and continues to rank among the sector’s top spenders.  At the heart of the global supply chain, Saudi Arabia connects three continents, where East meets West, making it an ideal location to host World Defense Show. 

To find out more on how you can participate at WDS 2024, please contact our team.