Why Visit

Why Visit World Defense Show 2026?

1.Explore Cutting-Edge Advancements Across 5 Domains

Experience the future of defense with innovations in air, land, sea, space, and security from over 750 defense and security exhibitors from across the globe. Journey to the Future offers an immersive tour of forward-thinking features and debuts, showcasing the latest technology shaping tomorrow's industry.

Engage in thought-provoking discussions and collaborative exchanges at the Content Theatres, where leading speakers and thought leaders explore crucial topics that drive the evolution of defense capabilities and strategies.

2.Forge Unbeatable Connections with B2B Connect

Connect with global buyers and sellers through B2B Connect. Effortlessly schedule meetings based on shared interests, fostering lasting relationships and new business leads. B2B Connect is a unique platform designed to optimize your networking experience.

3.Experience Live and Static Displays

Witness static and dynamic daily demonstrations of manned and unmanned technology. See advanced military assets from exhibitors, showcasing the latest evolution of battlefield networks.

With oexhibitors from across the defense landscape, explore the latest advancements and cutting-edge solutions that are driving the future of defense.

4.Embrace the Future at the Future of Defense Hub

Be part of the Future of Defense Hub, where innovation meets application. Engage with R&D centers, startups, and investors shaping the future of defense.

Discover existing and future technology concepts that will push the boundaries and transform tomorrow’s defense industry.

5.Engage through Meet the KSA Government

Connect with key KSA government entities through the Meet the KSA Government Program.

Learn about procurement guidelines, investment requirements, and partnership processes aligned with the national defense industry's strategy. Contribute to the localization of 50% of defense expenditure within the kingdom.