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Why Visit

At World Defense Show you can increase your competitive advantage through creating valuable and powerful business connections as well as nurturing existing ones. This platform offers real ROI to you, the visitor, by delivering a multitude of reasons as to why you need to attend. At World Defense Show, you will witness how emerging and progressive technologies are accelerating our industry. 

As the world is focused on AI, robotics, autonomous systems, machine learning, hybrid technologies, sustainability, and blockchain, to name just a few, World Defense Show examines the future of defense and how we will shape the industry through collaboration. As a visitor to World Defense Show, you will have access to over 750 exhibitors from around the world. Representing every Defense domain and showcasing technology that has never been seen before.

World Defense Show 2024 will overall deliver an immersive experience through its engaging rich content and show features that ensure your visit is a prosperous one.


Registration will go live from July 2023. For updates and show information, please click here.


Discover the essence of Saudi along with the unique charm of Saudi generosity and heartfelt hospitality. Feast on the distinctively delicious traditional food and witness the most mesmerizing iconic architectural masterpieces.

The Customer Experience team of World Defense Show aims to bring you a seamless and one-of-a-kind experience during your stay in the Kingdom.

- Flight Bookings, Visas, Excursions, Tours & Accommodation

- Concierge services, Chaperones & Translator Services

- Helicopter Services, On ground transport and Valet

For more information on any of the above services please contact [email protected]