China Unveils New 155mm Wheeled Artillery System Mirroring German RCH 155 8x8 Howitzer

Mar 18, 2024

Army Recognition

In a recent unveiling that has caught the attention of military analysts and defense enthusiasts worldwide, NORINCO, a prominent Chinese defense company, has introduced a groundbreaking piece of artillery technology. The new addition to China's arsenal is a wheeled self-propelled howitzer, which, according to videos published by NORINCO on social media platforms, shares striking similarities with the German-made RCH 155 8x8 howitzer. This development points to an ongoing trend in global military advancements and the growing capabilities of Chinese defense manufacturing.

The German RCH 155, developed and designed by KNDS, is known for its innovative design and formidable firepower. The new Chinese counterpart, however, introduces distinct features that set it apart. One of the most notable differences is its mobility platform; the Chinese howitzer is built on a 6x6 truck chassis, diverging from the RCH 155's BOXER 8x8 chassis. This strategic design choice by NORINCO suggests an emphasis on creating a lighter, possibly more agile piece of artillery, which could offer strategic advantages in terms of deployment and maneuverability in various terrains.

The design of the Chinese howitzer is divided into three main components, enhancing its operational capabilities. The front is fortified with a crew armor cab, providing essential protection for the operators. At the rear, a turret is mounted on the truck chassis, showcasing the howitzer's firepower. Additionally, two large spades are mounted at the rear of the hull. These spades are lowered to the ground before firing, stabilizing the vehicle and ensuring accuracy for each shot.

Armed with a 155mm L/52 howitzer cannon, this new artillery system is capable of firing a wide array of ammunition, including advanced GPS-guided rounds. This versatility in ammunition allows for high precision in striking targets, which is crucial for modern warfare scenarios. The incorporation of GPS-guided munitions also reflects the ongoing global trend towards the use of smart weaponry, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of artillery systems on the battlefield.

This latest development from NORINCO signifies China's continued investment and innovation in military technology. By developing systems that are comparable to, and in some aspects, potentially improved versions of existing Western military technology, China is asserting its position as a key player in the global defense industry. The introduction of this new wheeled self-propelled howitzer not only showcases NORINCO's capabilities but also hints at the evolving landscape of military technology, where mobility, firepower, and precision are paramount. As nations around the world continue to advance their military capabilities, the global community watches closely, aware of the implications such advancements hold for future geopolitical dynamics.


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