Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s leading players and one of the top spenders in the defense sector; it is at the heart of the global supply chain, where East meets West, making it an ideal location to host World Defense Show.


Ahmad Al Ohali

Governor of GAMI

There is no better place than Saudi Arabia to host a defense event at this scale. A G20 country, the Kingdom is one of the world’s biggest defense spenders with a strategic location at the center of three continents, making it an ideal hub for defense trade and innovation.

Saudi Arabia’s vision to localize 50% of its multi-billion-dollar defense expenditure by 2030 also presents massive opportunities to global industry OEMs and investors.


Chief Executive Officer

With the evolution of the defense industry: advancing technologies and an increasingly complex array of defense systems, the challenge today lies in ensuring seamless interconnectivity. That is why increasing interoperability is the founding theme at the World Defense Show.

Our mission is to encourage innovation and integrated systems and thinking; we hope this event changes the way global leaders and military decision makers approach defense and security considerations in the future.

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Be part of the exhibition and engage with key global players through the show’s comprehensive network, interactive features and unparalleled access to Saudi Arabia’s defense ecosystem.


The World Defense Show’s Official Military Delegations Program will provide access to and networking opportunities with important decision makers. The event will host best-in-class meet-the-buyer program for all participants, as well as high level networking opportunities including supply chain meetings.

A must attend event in the global defense calendar, the World Defense Show will offer participants the ability to engage with key Saudi defense bodies and international delegations. Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s leading players in the defense industry. Vision 2030 encourages partnerships and investment in the sector, making Saudi Arabia an increasingly important catalyst for change shaping the future of defense.

Exhibitors at the World Defense Show will have the opportunity to showcase their products in the optimal format, whether through augmented reality demonstrations or participating in the live demonstration feature areas. The event will offer a glimpse of the future through advanced defense applications. This enables interested parties to support and invest in cutting edge ideas.

Now, more than ever, virtual capabilities are key. The World Defense Show will reach audiences around the world, by live-streaming keynote speakers and conferences to encourage engagement through Q&A and live chat opportunities. Hosting virtual engagement opportunities and interactive online product catalogues, will help increase lead generation for exhibiting companies, from Saudi SMEs to multinational defense conglomerates.

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World Defense Show will serve as the global platform for key industry leaders and event attendees, to interact with and consider global defense solutions, like never before.  Visitors have the opportunity to discuss, question and engage with demonstrations challenging the purpose of defense, the meaning and value of true interoperability between systems and what the future of defense could look like.



To compliment the full spectrum of defense product segments, the exhibition will include the industry’s largest players across the entire defense value chain. Industry representatives, from the world’s most prominent defense markets, will be hosted by country pavilions. This includes emerging exporters as well as Saudi Arabia’s military partners.



World class innovative hubs will showcase state-of-the-art technologies and unique products to include demonstrations and simulations across Industry 4.0 capabilities highlighting modern defense manufacturing. Other areas will include biodefense, unmanned systems, urban air mobility, satellites, homeland security and advanced C4ISR solutions.



The World Defense Show will host a dedicated “start-up zone,” in the exhibition, allowing growing tech-defense players to showcase their vision for the future of defense. The show will welcome venture capital, financial houses and investment funds ready to invest in up-and-coming talent across future technologies, products and solutions.



Interactive displays and demonstrations will showcase new products and concepts in defense. Static and live demonstrations, at the event, cover interoperability, naval systems, security systems, swarm technology, advanced manufacturing technology and Airshows.



The World Defense Show will also feature dedicated programs to support Saudi Arabia’s agenda to promote local business and education opportunities, in line with Vision 2030. These include; Investor-investee program, Meet the KSA government program, Future Talent Day program, Supply Chain Program.


Located in the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the show will be hosted in the nation’s capital, Riyadh. Estimated to accommodate 80,000 sqm of exhibition, hospitality and outdoor area, the show will feature demonstration facilities and virtual technological capabilities to showcase every defense domain on an unprecedented scale.

Conferences &


Some of the most critical challenges and questions facing the global defense industry will be tackled during pre-show conferences; key sessions will be live streamed, enabling engagement on a global scale.

Over four days, panels, presentations and demonstrations at the World Defense Show will showcase emerging trends, key innovations and new products to help transform, and interconnect, all defense and security domains: air, land, sea, security and satellite.


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